The dark was comfortable for a while, but then I felt another pinch, but not physical no… it was more of a mental pinch, and a voice in my head saying ‘You can do it! You just need to open your eyes a little!’ I mustered all my strength and then finally, I managed to open my eyes! I was feeling a little stronger now, as opposed to how weak I had felt before. I looked around and saw the stranger snoozing on the sofa. ‘Hey’, I whispered. I watched him as he opened his eyes and looked around for the source of the voice. ‘Over here’, I whispered again. This time he realised it was me and quickly got up and walked over. ‘Hey’ he said softly. ‘How are you feeling now?’.

‘A little better now thanks’.

‘How much do you remember?’

Now this was a good question. You see, I could remember small fragmnets here and there, but nothing was making much sense. But I didn’t know whether I could trust this guy. Heck, I didn’t know this guy’s name! For all I knew, he could be an evil spy trying to steal all my memories to do some random scientific experiment that would leave me fragile and weak and uncapable of speech or something like that. I looked up at him and saw his brow furrowed with concern. Maybe this guy could be trusted. He’d been waiting by my side for days. So I decided to tell him the truth. What did I have to lose anyways?

‘I don’t remember anything at all. A few small fragmens here and there, but nothing makes sense.’

I watched his brow furrow deeper as if he was in deep thought. He took a deep breath and replied,’ I guess we should start from the basics then. Your name is Akyla and you’re from Planet  Emanstistahw. I’m Viktor, you’re best friend and I’m also from Emanstishaw. But currently we’re on Planet Earth and you’re drifting in between life and death in a hospital and I’m standing here and telling you about it. How’s that?’

‘Terrible’. I replied. ‘I bet you could explain much better. But what are we doing on Earth then?’

He looked a little uncomfortable for a moment, and then he looked around to check if anyone was there and leaned closer.

‘We crashed. We were being chased by the royal guard and in the panic, we hit a meteor. I lost control of the ship and we plummeted downwards towards Earth. Luckily we landed in some water, but the change in pressure was to much for you and you…. you almost… died’. He choked on the last words.

‘Well hey, I’m okay now’ I replied soothingly. “But one quick question. Why was the royal guard after us?’

It took him a little time to answer this, but finally after an agonizing 5 seconds, he whispered ‘ Because you’re the Princess of Emanstistahw, and the Queen wants you dead.’


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