Am I Deciding Correctly?

There are so many decisions to make in life, ranging to massive life-changing decisions to the small daily decisions. We have to decide on what to wear, what hairstyle, where to go, what to eat and other trivial stuff. And then we have to decide on what career we’d like, what subjects to take up, which college we’d like to go to, what hobbies to pursue and other important decisions. Our life revolves around our decisions, and a constant worry is- ‘what if it’s the wrong decision?’.

Now, I’m not fatalist, but I do believe we choose things for a reason. Even if we feel we’ve made a wrong decision, it probably does do us at least a little good in the future. The smallest decisions we take could end up changing our lives. Look at ‘The Cursed Child’ for a moment.( It’s the eighth Harry Potter book for those of you who don’t know). Albus goes back into time and wears Durmstrang robes to just tweak Cedric’s circumstances in the Triwizard Tournament a little to try to prevent his death. But when he comes back to his time period, Ron and Hermione are no longer married. And the reason for this was during Cedric’s Dragon round, Hermione watched a guy in Durmstrang robes do something suspicious, which prevented her from going to the Yule Ball with Krum, and so Ron never got jealous and so the two of them never dated! Talk about small decisions being life-changing!

My point is that all decisions are important, no matter how small they are. Maybe how you dress yourself may capture the attention of someone who later becomes a very important person in your life. Or the competition you participated in managed to get you a scholarship into your dream college. You never know how things will turn out! All decisions are worthwhile. And even for the decisions that you regret, well hey! What’s life without a few ups and downs?


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