SPOILERS!: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Another amazing story by the one and only J.K. Rowling! The movie, the action, the characters, everything was PERFECT!!

The movie is set in the Victorian Era. Newt Schamandar, a traveller, journeys to New York to buy some puffskeins for a friend, or so he says. On arriving, his case is accidentally exchanged with that of a muggle ( a No-Maj in the United States), Jacob Kowalski. The muggle unknowingly lets loose fantastical creatures in the city and it is up-to Newt to capture them back. During this ruckus, an ex-Auror named Porpentina Goldstein (Tina) comes across these illegal activites and turns them in, but is shunned because she is in disgrace.

Meanwhile, a dark wizard Grindelwald is at large. He is the Voldemort of the previous era. For those who aren’t aware, Grindelwald was Dumbledore’s childhood friend. Both of them were brilliant wizards. It was during one of their fights that Dumbledore’s sister had been killed, and the two never spoke to one another again. Later however, Dumbledore did defeat Grindelwald. But this movie falls in the time period before that.

During this movie we are given an insight into the going ons in the Barebone household. Mary Lou Barebone had three adopted children, and was a disciplinarian. She hated witchcraft of any sort. Because of this, two of her children, Modesty and Credence , were forced to suppress their magical abilities. This led to the creation of an Obscurus, one of the most darkest and uncontrollable powers one could find. This obscurus killed two people, the senator and Mary Lou Barebone herself when she tried to abuse Credence. It is later found out that the Obscurus is Credence’s, and when he felt betrayed by Graves (see below) he let loose, causing mass destruction which eventually led to his own death.

Graves was a high up officer at MASUCA ( American Ministry for Magic). He helped Credence deal with his home problems, where he was beaten with his own belt for indiscipline. It is shown that Graves promises to teach Credence magic in return for him locating the Obscurus that is tormenting the town. Credence leads him to his sister Modesty, who is believed to be the Obscurus. At that point Graves says that magic cannot be taught to Squibs, and backs out of his promise. This enrages Credence, revealing that the Obscurus is actually him and not his sister.

Alongside this, Newt is shown hunting for his beasts and while he does, Tina turns him in. Graves is in charge of the case, and sentences both of them to death, as it is believed that it was one of Newt’s beasts that had killed the Senator. Both of them manage to escape, but it is then that they realize Graves isn’t whom he seems to be.

All hell breaks loose when the obscurus breaks out, and both Graves and Tina are shown trying to console it, but for different reasons. Suddenly a bunch of wizards come in and kill Credence, thus finishing off the threat. It is at this moment that Newt realizes who Graves is and uncovers his disguise. And that is how Newt and Tina manage to arrest Gellert Grindelwald, the darkest wizard of all time.

The movie is definitely worth a watch. We see mentions of our beloved Harry Potter characters like Albus Dumbledore, and Leta Lestrange.

A little story to connect the two books: Newt and Tina eventually get married. Their grandson, Rolf Schamander, marries Luna Lovegood 🙂

Any questions? Please do ask!



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