The Burden of Holidaying

That terrible yet awesome moment when you realize you only have a few more hours of holidaying left, but the excitement of seeing your friends and doing something other than lazing around and wandering aimlessly prevails. The whole year we wait for the holidays to come around and save us from the ongoing pains we have to endure at school, and when these times finally come, we can’t wait to go back.

There are various kinds of holiday makers. Some are like me who think nothing is better than kicking off their shoes and laying back as soon as school is over, thinking of all the productive ways in which they could utilize these days and then doing absolutely nothing. They just sit alone and think, or watch T.V. , watch an unhealthy amount of shows on their laptops, maybe read or if they’re feeling super- energetic, they may actually get something productive done during the holidays.

Then there are the travellers. These people love to travel, and if they’re not travelling then they like to be out and about. They cannot just sit idle the whole day. They need to be somewhere doing something.

But whatever you during the holidays, those last few hours are definitely the most tense. That is the time you decide that you’ve postponed your homework long enough, the time you have to gather all your scattered school supplies, mentally prepare yourself for a late night completing a week’s worth of work followed by an early morning. And then you have to choose between meeting your friends after a long time at school or just sleeping in and extending your vacations. Then while you’re asleep, your brain will remind you of all the other work you’ve left to do later, or of the things you’re dreading to face at school. And finally comes the stage where your brain goes into paranoid mode where you start thinking you’ve forgotten things and you stay up half the night trying to remember them. Ultimately you wake up in the morning feeling tired instead of fresh yet excited in a way. If I’d been given an option, I’d definitely do anything to escape that last night of guilt and hard work so that I could remember my holidays with a feeling of pleasure. 🙂

If there are anymore types of holiday makers, please do comment below.


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