Think Before You Speak…

Feminism is on the minds of everyone today. A slight joke or phrase can create chaos. Many people find this extremely annoying, but I think it’s good.

Statements like ‘Girls are weak’, or ‘you punch/throw/cry like a girl’ really get on my nerves. Who are you to decide that girls are weak? What’s bad in crying like a girl? And what makes you think you can punch harder than a girl? The truth is, over time people have created a mindset that being a girl is ‘degrading’. A girl wearing jeans and a mens shirt is fine, but a guy wearing a dress or a skirt isn’t so openly accepted. And you want to know why? Because wearing ‘girly’ clothes is degrading. It’s taken centuries for women to finally get their rights, and yet still people have the audacity, the nerve to make such remarks. God created us as equal beings. He didn’t send us with a manual on what girls can/cannot do and what boys can/cannot do. It’s our choice. Recently I asked some guy for a pair of scissors, and he said ‘ I don’t carry such girly things with me’. I mean… seriously? Now scissors are ‘too girly’ to be seen carrying them? What is wrong with you people?

At the same time though, I don’t want females to have more rights than male, because that isn’t equality. All I’m asking for is some respect, and a little thinking before speaking because trust me when I say this, if you say something like this irrespective of your gender, some girl is gonna be around to object.


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