I’m a Fangirl and No One Can Stop Me!

Fangirling is common among girls between 11-19. It occurs when a girl gets emotionally attached to a book or movie or series to such a large extent, that she puts all her effort and time into that specific fandom.

Fandom actually means fanatic domain and not ‘ a kingdom of fans’ (I found this out just recently… but i prefer the kingdom one). All the people who find themselves fangirling about the same thing, join together to form fandoms, where they create headcanons, ships etc. There are many fandoms such as the Percy Jackson fandom where fans call themselves demigods, Harry Potter fandom (Potterheads), Maze Runner fandom (Runners), Hunger Game fandom (tributes), Divergent fandom (divergents) and many many more.

In these fandoms, the members analyze every line, every scene of the book (it coud be anything, but I’m gonna go with books). Everyday a new discovery is found, a new meaning, a new connection between characters. We fangirls are thirsty for such information. Our lives revolve around it. We create headcanons which are short stories created by us in relation to the book. We ship characters, and do not approve of other ships (Percabeth is awesome, but Perachel shippers beware). Characters are sometimes shipped with inanimate objects too.

What I’d basically like to say is that everywhere out there, I’m sure there are loads of fangirls and fanboys who are happy the way they are, in their own created world, imagining situations and being creative. But they’re made fun of and while they may bare it with a smile, they’re hurt inside. They’ve created a world of their own, and a threat to that world is a threat to them. You know who you are. We are the people who spend the maximum time on the internet with the most creative threats and the darkest sense of humour. Also, we don’t do calm B-)



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      1. You know that the pic uploaded by you is actually a dialogue in the Sherlock series- “I am not a psychopath, I am a high functioning sociopath”, right?


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