The Nightmare for Everyone – Insecurities

What can I say. Everybody feels insecure about a few things. Some are embarrassed by it and some are open about it. Many a time insecurities lead to self- doubt, depression etc. But yet, there is no way out of it except to accept it and move on.

I’ve felt insecure on many occasions, be it about my friends, studies, or where my life is going in general. A good example of common insecurities is the school/college hierarchy system that people have started to believe in. A lot of kids start to consider themselves inferior to others, be it in studies, personalities or just clothes. Looking at someone with something you do not have.. even simple things such as height, can create an inferiority complex. A jealousy starts to blossom in the hearts of these kids and slowly they start feeling insecure. Going out with these people would make the child uncomfortable as they would believe they don’t ‘fit in’.

Another common example in insecurities is friends. Making friends is hard for some people and having to share these friends can be upsetting. I myself fit in this category. Sharing friends is tough, but you have to accept that you can’t be their ‘only’ friend. But this insecurity is very harmful too. Slowly you start to get jealous, start to harbour angry thoughts for said friend. If you’re not careful, it can break friendships.

And don’t forget  studies and career! Your marks may not be great, and you may have great supporting parents but still… you cannot stop comparing yourself to others, seeing them performing better than you and wondering if there’s maybe something wrong with you. Every night wondering what is gonna happen to your future, worrying and promising to study harder to have a brighter future. Yet the next morning, all the previous night’s promises are of the past and another day just wasted.. followed by another night of peril. This tedious cycle just goes on and on, creating insecurities that create self-doubt and thus lack in performance.

So far I haven’t found a solution for these insecurities. I find forgetting such incidents much easier. But it never disappears. Again and again I can feel it there, suppressed behind my emotions waiting to burst; and that is the most DANGEROUS thing I can imagine. All I can say is deal with them the best you can and you’re the best you can be. Don’t think otherwise.


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