The Blank

So a lot of topics come to mind when trying to write a blog. But we all know what happens when we actually get down to writing; we face ‘the blank’. So of course, being the daredevil that I am, I decided to go ahead and write on it.

‘The Blank’, as the name suggests, is the phenomenon in which our usually dreamy little brains decide to stop imagining and become a number one liability, rendering our creativity useless. Millions of people suffer from this disease, which i will now refer to as ‘blankitivity’. Tons of schools ask for essays, stories, poems and whatnot, believing that it will enhance the child’s character. I say NO. It increases the blankitivity victims, making them feel untalented. It grooms the child’s creativity into that of a school appropriate old-classic literature freak, ruining what extra flourish they might’ve had.

But let’s not just stop at literature and all those literature geeks. When we play (or at least try to.. considering our brains are as creative as a rock), we go for the old traditional games, like tag or hide and seek and maybe the occasional frisbee. We should aim for originality! Everytime I see F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I look at Joey Tribbiani and think – What fun it would be to have the creativity of his ,like when he created ‘Fireball’.  Or like that of Calvin’s (even though he’s a six year old kid). But yet, we are faced with ‘the blank’ and have no way to recover from it.

This ‘blank’ is getting serious now. Even as I write, I can feel it hanging over my head getting larger and larger until it will squeeze every last bit of originality out of my already exhausted brain. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be up searching for old- fashioned essays on ‘the blank’ (like I’d ever actually get one..) This blank thing is so bad, no wonder I’ve used ‘xD’ after every text I’ve sent. It’s a way of saying ‘I’ve replied, but I ran out of ideas so I just sent xD to you to hope you do not consider my lack of social skills as rude’.

And now, as we can all see, I have become victim to ‘the blank’ and cannot think of a word more to say. So, peace!


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