Space Girl (I)

I don’t know who I am.

That’s all my mind seems capable of thinking about. It’s been days since I’ve eaten, and yet my only worry seems to be of my lack of identity. I really do have my priorities straight…

My room of captivity isn’t that bad though. Whoever my captives are, they seem to treat their guests well. The room is a blinding white colour, which is one of the reasons i keep my eyes closed most of the time. What better words to be written on one’s headstone than ‘ died due to blinding by white room’. I wonder what my last words would be. I really hope it’s something decent to remember me by. I can just picture my gravestone, with the words ‘Here lies..’ . Oh shoot. I don’t even know my own name! So, where was I before going off on this colourful tangent? Right. The room. It has a bed on which I’m lying. It’s not so comfortable, but then again I’m not lying on pins if you’re getting my drift. There are some screens i think, that show a green dot bouncing up and down them. I’m not sure what they are. And sometimes if I can manage to open my eyes without blinding myself, I see some people wearing blue aprons and coverings on their mouths. And if I’m really lucky, I manage to see the guy who sits sometimes on the chair near my bed. Every time I see him, I feel a sense of familiarity but I cannot grasp on what it is. But never in these few days have I had the energy to do more than just blink and then nod off again. These people really should be bringing me food. Their service is appalling. I think I’ll drop a letter by with the head of this place, listing all the things they could improve for a more comfortable abduction next time.

Suddenly I feel a pinch on my right hand. My eyes jerk open and see a pointy silver thing stuck in my hand. Some kind of liquid in the container above it is disappearing, and as it disappears I can feel a little bit of energy coursing through my veins. I can feel my consciousness slipping and muster all the energy I can. With great effort, I manage to croak out a single word, “h..el..p’.

I’m out of energy now but I manage to keep my eyes open. I see the stranger stir and walk quickly towards me. His eyes are worried. This confuses me, because no matter how much I’ve forgotten, I’m pretty sure abductors aren’t worried for their abductees. He starts to say something, but my brain can’t decipher whatever he’s trying to say. I only catch a few words like ‘spaceship’ , ‘crash’ and ‘hospital’. I remember wondering what on earth that last word meant before slipping off into the embrace of the dark.

To be continued…


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