The Curse of a Quick Temper

“You must behave as is expected of you”, said my mother while pulling the car out of the parking lot. I looked down at my hands, clenching them in frustration. I was ashamed, I truly was. But the situation had gotten out of hand, calling for drastic measures. Earlier in the day, I had been... Continue Reading →



The dark was comfortable for a while, but then I felt another pinch, but not physical no... it was more of a mental pinch, and a voice in my head saying 'You can do it! You just need to open your eyes a little!' I mustered all my strength and then finally, I managed to... Continue Reading →

Am I Deciding Correctly?

There are so many decisions to make in life, ranging to massive life-changing decisions to the small daily decisions. We have to decide on what to wear, what hairstyle, where to go, what to eat and other trivial stuff. And then we have to decide on what career we'd like, what subjects to take up,... Continue Reading →

The Burden of Holidaying

That terrible yet awesome moment when you realize you only have a few more hours of holidaying left, but the excitement of seeing your friends and doing something other than lazing around and wandering aimlessly prevails. The whole year we wait for the holidays to come around and save us from the ongoing pains we... Continue Reading →

Think Before You Speak…

Feminism is on the minds of everyone today. A slight joke or phrase can create chaos. Many people find this extremely annoying, but I think it's good. Statements like 'Girls are weak', or 'you punch/throw/cry like a girl' really get on my nerves. Who are you to decide that girls are weak? What's bad in... Continue Reading →

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